The symptoms of aspergers syndrome can be present during childhood, but in many cases, they tend to surface only in adulthood. The symptoms may be mild or severe, depending on the affected individual’s age. Mentioned below are some signs of this disorder.

    1. Difficulty with social communication

» People with aspergers syndrome generally find it difficult to understand others and express themselves. They may have difficulty in interpreting gestures, facial expressions and change of tone. They are very literal in what they say and fail to comprehend complex words and phrases, expressions like metaphors and even joke. They have trouble understanding sarcasm and satire and fail to interpret subtle body language. The best way to interact with individuals with aspergers syndrome is to keep one’s sentences short and concise.

    1. Difficulty with social interaction

» It is their inability to interact with people that hampers their ability to maintain friendships. Individuals with aspergers can take time while making friends. They might be confused at the way other people behave, because they are unable to understand social norms and conduct. They may lose interest in people and appear aloof most of the time. They are often mistaken as ignorant, reticent and vain individuals.

    1. Lack of social imagination

» Although adults with aspergers syndrome can be accomplished musicians and writers, they are unable to imagine alternatives to social incidents. They cannot predict a normal course of action according to social norms. Since they have a difficulty in interacting with other people, they can feel awkward in social situations like parties, weddings, funerals, etc. They do not know what to say or how to behave in such social situations.

    1. Love for routines

» An adult with aspergers syndrome seems to follow routines and rituals religiously. They do not take very well to a sudden change in their daily schedule and have set hours for everyday work. The reason behind such mechanical behavior is not very clear. However, it could be an attempt of further simplifying even the simple things that baffles the mind of an individual who suffers from aspergers syndrome. In some cases, individuals tend to develop eccentric behavior like repetitive movement of fingers, hand wringing, etc.

    1. Special interests

» Individuals with this syndrome are sometimes found to have an intense or even obsessive interest or hobby. Sometimes these continue for one’s entire lifetime. However, in some cases, an individual may get smitten with a completely unrelated activity. However, these obsessive involvements with particular topics help them in gaining an amazing insights into those fields. These topics could vary from computers, photography to knowing how to play the guitar. Encouraging such individual to continue with their interest helps them to acquire an in-depth knowledge in certain fields. This could help them to gain employment in their field of interest.


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